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GREEN DREAM BUS is the most innovative, radical, and fun outdoor lifestyle shuttle experience running on biodiesel and ethanol flex-fuel from Portland to Mt. Hood, the Oregon Coast, the Willamette Valley wine country, and everywhere in-between.


It's also the most highly rated- just ask Google. 


As Portland's only transportation, marketing, and lifestyle company, we've spearheaded a movement to bring good vibes back to getting to and from the places Portlanders and visitors love in an exciting, enjoyable, and affordable way.


Our vehicles are decked out with premium sound and screens, and run on renewable resources. We're locally-owned and operated by passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable outdoors people who care about your fun and mountain sustainability.

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GREEN DREAM BUS Values: The Outdoors — Stress-Free Travel — Comfort and Style — Sustainability — Culture — and Community.


Our focus is on creating fun, social experiences. With GREEN DREAM BUS, you’ll meet the folks you want to share whiskey on the chairlift with all winter long.  Make connections, make friends, or just kick it and watch shred flicks on your way up!

GREEN DREAM is a brand new, unique experience. Portland has been in need of a better transit option to the mountain and the coast. You spoke, and we listened. LET’S GET IT.


We choose to blend our fuel with biodiesel–a biodegradable and renewable resource made from recycled waste oils. Not only that, but a full bus means up to 20 fewer cars on the road and in the lot every day! Plus, the bus is drippin' with recycled materials—the ceiling is the repurposed wooden ceiling of a 112-year-old Masonic Lodge and our custom bumper ladder isn’t only beefy as hell, it’s made of salvaged scrap steel that we dumpster-dove for.


Our shuttle is warm, spacious, and sexy—wide tinted windows, comfy seats, and a sick wood panel ceiling. GREEN DREAM BUS comes fully equipped with a Bluray player, sound system, dope flat screen for our favorite snow porn, Chappelle’s Show, or whatever else. With 2 XXL boxes up top, your gear travels as safely as you do. And the green exterior that sums it all up—we’re fun as hell. Friends, our custom bumper even has cupholders cut into it for a primo post-send chill sesh experience.


We’ve all been turned off by the worsening traffic and parking situation at the mountain. We’ve noticed that bad energy spilling over onto the snow—we hate that, and we won’t stand for it.  We want fewer cars on the road and fewer people stressed. Get to the mountain and back without the hassle and bad juju—bring your gear and good vibes and don't worry about jack!


We all know Portland’s rad, but we’re the kind of people who also love and draw energy from the mountain or the coast. Whether carving corduroy or laying down a steezy tree line at Mt. Hood, surfing at Short Sands, or mountain biking at Sandy Ridge, we want to get you there. We’re not just a snowboard/ski bus—we’re gonna be here for you all year long. We believe there's only one season in the Pacific Northwest—outdoor season.

Friends, here's a radical, fun, unique, and fresh way to get to the places we love. We've worked hard for you on this project. Buy a ticket or charter our vehicles privately! Come ride with us, we'll make sure everything's taken care of! For real.

Omar Akahloun, Owner



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