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BE ON TIME. Arrive no later than 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time so we can load your gear, and get you checked in and settled. You will need time to park as well. Don't get left behind!

Do you go to Timberline Lodge or Skibowl?

HELL YES! We can drop you off at Skibowl or at Timberline in our new 15-Passenger, Flexfuel van starting 2/2/20!


Follow us on Instagram — @green.dream.bus — or subscribe below for updates straight to your inbox!

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Do you have gear with your fly-ass logo on it?

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Indeed we do! Our store is under construction right now, but we'll have t-shirts, hats, hoodies, patches, available for sale aboard our vehicles so you all can help keep the dream alive! Follow us on Instagram — @green.dream.bus — or subscribe below for updates straight to your inbox!

What type of certification do your drivers obtain? 

GREEN DREAM BUS drivers all have Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDL's) with Passenger Endorsements at the very least, and excellent driving records. They are also fun, outdoors people who share your passion- no randos! They'll make sure your shuttle experience is unmatched.

Can I reserve the bus for a private event (birthday, company/team event, etc.)?

Absolutely, 100%, YES! We love running private charter missions, and we can do almost anything. By renting the bus out, you have control over schedule, logistics, and the privacy that make personal events intimate, awesome, and memorable. Contact us directly so we can discuss how to make your event the most rad time ever.

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Where is your pick-up/drop-off location? Time? Parking?

2240 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232 (Map below)

Arrive by 6:30am, we leave at 6:40am, sharp! We leave resorts at 3pm.


Please DO NOT park in ReRack's lot. You CAN park anywhere south of ReRack (across Glisan St). It’s FREE neighborhood parking.

Say, I buy a ticket, what does the day look like?

You show up no later than 10 minutes before departure, and we load all your gear and get you checked-in and settled.

You listen to good music, watch snow/surf/mountain biking/rafting etc. movies, and chat with like-minded people who love the same things you do (if you feel like it) on our way to go do fun stuff. We typically get to the mountain  around 8:15 am, in plenty of time for you to go get first chair. The bus leaves the resorts at 3pm sharp.

We have KIND protein bars for you, as well as refreshing Small Barrel Shrub drinks.

Good vibes all around, all day long.

What can I bring with me?

PLEASE PACK LIGHT! Medium-sized bags only, please. More leg room and less fuel used means a happier you and a happier environment.


It is illegal in the State of Oregon to consume alcoholic beverages or smoke marijuana products aboard a commercial passenger vehicle.


We value your need for privacy and good times. In observance of those considerations, GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. does not inspect personal property including insulated bottles or bags.

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