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Portland's Favorite Shuttle to Mt. Hood and Beyond, Period.

(Just ask Google, y'all.) 

GREEN DREAM BUS is the most innovative, radical, and fun outdoor lifestyle shuttle experience running on biodiesel and ethanol flex-fuel from Portland to Mt. Hood, the Oregon Coast, the Willamette Valley wine country, and everywhere in-between. As Portland's only transportation, marketing, and lifestyle company, we've spearheaded a movement to bring good vibes back to getting to and from the places Portlanders and visitors love in an exciting, enjoyable, and affordable way.


GREEN DREAM BUS blends the best elements of the Portland lifestyle that locals live and love and that visitors come for—mountains, rivers, beaches, music, beer, sustainability, art, ink, and good juju. GREEN DREAM BUS is funky-fresh and is the most highly rated Portland shuttle service on Google.








We're rider/skier-owned and operated.

We run on biodiesel and ethanol flex-fuel at every opportunity.

We have a deep, unapologetic, unwavering commitment to the outdoors.

We're rad, fun people who want you to have fun too.

We think skier/snowboarder beef is stupid.

We avoid bad energy, and we won't stand for it.

We accept all people and cultures, without exception.

We believe in blending all the elements of the outdoor lifestyle in a new way to make something beautiful and major.

We're Livin' it.

If you think all that's legit, we're down with you.


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Colton Naill

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Colton is a stone cold killer with graphic design and is the genius behind our psychedelic bus image logo, flyers, and contest images. He also rips on a snowboard and has been one of our closest homies for over a decade. Colton is as legit as they come, and we're super stoked that he recently moved to Oregon and is now an integral part of the team.


Omar Akahloun

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Omar's tired of the same. He's kicking in the door and bringing the fun back to getting to and from the places Portlanders love, with an undeniable, bomb-ass style and flavor. He's in charge of this operation, and this is also the only way Omar can get paid to ride his snowboard, as his completely delusional dreams of sponsorship went out the window years ago.

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Taylor Lehman

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Taylor is a super-experienced driver with a clean record and years of driving in snow and ice under his belt. His red beard also has magical powers but please, ask him before stroking it to absorb its charmed properties. Taylor also rips non-powder skis through the deepest days in God's Wall, which he gets respect for in the street.


“There are places in this world that are so beautiful, that they grab hold of you and there is a bit of you, there is a piece of who you are, of your soul, that gets taken away. And the earth don’t give it back, it just holds on to it.”


~Shelton Johnson~

Yosemite Park Ranger, Author, Badass 

Here at GREEN DREAM, we believe Shelton's words are the reason we keep going back to these incredible places time and time again. It's a pilgrimage, not a visit, and we have no choice in the matter. We constantly return to reunite with parts of ourselves that we've left—parts that now belong to the earth.




We're a company dedicated to being as socially conscious and environmentally friendly as we can. Your support will help us keep green, hold ticket prices low, and expand our services to those who need it most! We welcome your generosity.

Show your love

Our staff works really hard to give you a 5-star experience in terms of safe travel, fun times, comfort, entertainment, caring for your gear, and much more! Gratuity is appreciated.

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