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By purchasing a ticket, you agree to the terms below.

Upon boarding, GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. assumes you have read the following, completely.


Doing so ensures a rad time is had by all.



You agree to the terms:




2. PLEASE PACK LIGHT. Backpacks and medium-sized duffels are cool but please, no mega-big bags. Help us give you more legroom, keep the emergency exits clear, and pollute less by bringing only what you need.


3. DO NOT BE LATE. We leave at the scheduled departure time and will not wait for those who struggle in the morning. So, don’t be late, ESPECIALLY not on a pow-pow morning. Being late shows disregard to your fellow passengers and staff who’s stoke is high, not to mention poor commitment to epic, untouched, deep lines or fast, fresh-groomed corduroy. Lay your gear out the night before, wake up in time, and make/buy coffee ahead of time. Get it together and get there in time to park and for us to load your gear/check you in- We really don’t want to see empty seats in the rearview!

4. We may use any of our vehicles for the trip you've booked in our regular scheduled shuttle programming, based on ticket sales and/or other considerations at the discretion of GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. You wouldn't want us to go broke, now would you? This excludes private charter missions.


5. ACT RIGHT! We encourage being at 100 if you like, but not 110, 125, or 200. We would never want to do this, but any passengers who are “becoming a problem” before or during transit, may be asked to accommodate their own ride to and/or from the mountain at the discretion of GREEN DREAM BUS staff. This may include, being too rowdy in general, behaving in a way that endangers the safety of other passengers, showing questionable common sense, being too intoxicated while aboard, being too intoxicated to board for the ride back, being rude or inconsiderate to staff or other passengers, etc. Bottom line: GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. provides a dope-ass ride where we’ll be having lots of fun, so don’t get turnt up past 100.


6. We are a small, local movement, and a young business with the potential to be something really special in this region. If something is not to your liking, don’t immediately blast it out on social media. Just let staff know and we’ll be sure to make it right for ‘ya, we promise.


7. It is illegal in the State of Oregon to using any marijuana products in the Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline Lodge, or Skibowl parking lots or any other National Forest land under any circumstances. NEVER do that on our vehicles or in any such area.

8. It is illegal in the State of Oregon to consume alcoholic beverages or smoke marijuana products aboard a commercial passenger vehicle. Please do your best to adhere to the State’s laws.


9. We value your need for privacy. In observance of those considerations, GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. does not inspect bags or insulated bottles, or any other personal property owned by passengers.

10. If you purchase a ticket for someone else, or privately charter the vehicle, you are acknowledging that those persons whom you have purchased a ticket for and/or have coordinated transport for via chartering our private services, have read and agreed to our terms and conditions.

11. We do not sell your personal information, contact information, or data to 3rd parties. However, we may share your contact information with our partners/sponsors.


12. Please DO NOT lean either yourself or any of your gear against the exteriors of our vehicles. You are responsible for a $250 flat fee for any damage to the exterior or interior of our vehicles.

13. If you spill, vomit, or soil the interior of our vehicles in any way, you may be assessed a $195 flat fee for professional cleaning that you acknowledge you are responsible for paying.


14. By riding with us, you recognize that we have no control over driving conditions. This includes traffic, weather, and human elements outside of our control. This may mean that our vehicles may return later than you expected. Please be understanding that we’re doing our best to help you adhere to your high-powered, important, Elon Musk-like, mogul schedule. Please give us good vibes even if a traffic event bums you out.


15. By riding with us, you irrevocably grant to GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. the right to use your name, image, or voice ("Image") for any educational, promotional, advertising, or other purposes on behalf of GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. You agree that all intellectual property rights to your Image belong to GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. and you waive any right to approve, inspect, and/or receive royalties or other benefits from the use of your Image.


16. By riding with us, you agree to release the landowner of site: 2240 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232 of all liability in terms of your property or physical injury. You also agree that you will not park in ReRack's parking lot while patronizing our service.


A general rule of thumb- “DON’T BE A PROBLEM AND THERE WON’T BE A PROBLEM.”





Upon arrival at our final destination, as soon as everyone has their gear and are ready to send it, our vehicles will be locked, so plan what you bring accordingly. Vehicles will reopen at 2:30 pm, for our prompt departure at 3 pm. We will leave the mountain at 3 pm sharp to avoid getting stuck in traffic and risking a major vibe slash.


If you become injured while sending, otherwise incapacitated at any point during the day, or do not show up at our scheduled return departure time from the mountain, you will need to coordinate an alternative way home. If you do get hurt, please contact us ASAP (after you have contacted Ski Patrol or other appropriate response) so we can help you find another way home if we can. As much as it pains us to say it, out of consideration for our other guests, our vehicles cannot wait in that unfortunate circumstance.


If you give up your seat on our vehicles by not showing up, becoming incapacitated, or by being asked to arrange your own transportation for any reason at the discretion of GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC., we may sell your seat to someone else who needs a ride back.


This service isn’t a ‘gold mine', so if you thought you got baller service, PLEASE TIP THE STAFF! Thank you so much for the generosity- every bit helps us keep ticket prices low so you can keep more of your skrilla.


GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. is fully licensed, permitted, insured, and bonded. We pay the utmost attention to safety protocols and our driver(s) have great records and additional safety and skill certifications, AND you ride with us at your own risk. Passengers acknowledge they waive the ability to hold GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. liable or at-fault in any way for any injury or damage to either their person or personal property while contracting our services. Don’t worry, we will take great care of both you and your gear.



Refund / Cancellation Policy: 


Honestly, being a new grassroots company, flaky peeps have the power to ruin us! Work out your commitment issues - make a plan to ride with us and stick to it. Things are never what they seem on the other side! 


100% refund when canceling more than 48 hours before your booked trip.

100% credit (transfer to a different day) when canceling between 48-24 hours before your booked trip.

We do not offer a refund or credit for canceling less than 24 hours before your booked trip.


If you need to change your booking, PLEASE do it as soon as you know. We want to be able to keep our cancellation policy convenient for you, but if people abuse it then we'll have to change it.


GREEN DREAM BUS, LLC. reserves the right to cancel any trip at its own discretion, especially with regards to unfavorable weather or conditions. In that event, all guests will be accommodated for their previous booking.




Basic Safety:


Passengers may not open any of the doors, emergency windows, or emergency hatch themselves unless directly asked to do so by GREEN DREAM BUS staff or there is an actual emergency.


Passengers may not enter or exit the vehicle through the emergency exit doors (even if they are open) unless directed to do so. It's dangerous!


At no time can any passenger cross or be in front of the white line that separates the main cabin from the driving/operating area in the front of our bus.


Passengers may not climb on the ladder or access the roof rack/roof boxes themselves. Passengers may NEVER climb onto the roof of our bus.


Do not throw or dump ANYTHING out of our windows, especially not while the vehicle is in operation.


Passengers may not swing or hang from overhead handrails.


Do not stand, walk, or chill in the aisle unnecessarily.


To avoid burning yourself or others, coffee, tea, and all other hot beverages must be consumed from a closed-lid container.



Now, if you haven't been scared off, come kick it with us!

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