8:00 am- Leave ReRack (map below)


9:45 am- Cleanline Surf Shop, Cannon Beach (opens at 10 am)


  • Sightseeing, Surfing, General Maxin' and Relaxin'


10:30 am- Short Sand Beach, Oswald State Park


  • Surfing, Hanging Out on the Beach, Hiking


4:00 pm- Leave Shorty's


4:30 pm- Leave Cannon Beach


6:30 pm- Arrive at ReRack

9:30 am- Leave Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center


(624 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214)


10:30 am- Scappoose Bay Paddle Sports Center 


  • Paddleboarding, kayaking, guided tours, and other awesome programs 


4:00 pm- Leave Scappoose Bay


5:00 pm- Arrive at Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center

8:00 am- Leave ReRack (map below)


9:00 am- Mirror Lake Trailhead / Skibowl

  • Hiking, Mountain Biking


9:10 am- Government Camp


  • Hiking, Sightseeing

9:20 am- Timberline Lodge

  • Hiking, Mountain Biking, Sight-Seeing


4:00 pm- Leave Timberline Lodge


4:10 pm- Government Camp

4:20 pm- Mirror Lake Trailhead/Skibowl

5:30/45 pm- Arrive at ReRack

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